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Child Protection & Juvenile Justice

As a result of limited access for basic services, cultural practices, natural and man-made disasters, child development is often-times challenged with violence, exploitation, abuse, and neglect. As a pro-child rights organisation; Child rights protection and promotion forms the core our programing and operations. Our intervention areas include:
  • 1. Psychosocial support & Peacebuilding

    Emergencies are characterised with psychosocial distress and trauma especially among children with profound impact on their cognitive development and conduct. Subject to working context and needs; we provide recreation activities in child friendly play areas; play for peace games counselling, peer support through clubs, and community based approaches.

  • 2. Case Management (Family tracing and Reunification, tailored support):
  • 3. Mine Risk Education, Social integration of child Soldiers:
  • 4. Juvenile Justice:
  • 5. Child neglect, Early Marriages and Child Right’s Monitoring:
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