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Education and Skills Development

Education provides for an essential set of tools for one’s productivity and constructive involvement into the affairs of society. The right to education has been recognized by majority of the governments at all levels. Quality education also contributes to the achievement of UN sustainable development goals:

#1 – No poverty, #4 – Quality education, #5 – Gender equality, #10 – Reduced inequalities, #11 – Sustainable cities and communities.

Hold the Child’s context based approach integrates the following:

  • 1. Early childhood development:

    Children’s natural curiosity and imagination naturally evoke learning when given a chance to explore at the earliest opportunity. Activities such as games, arts are vital for learning at tender ages on an individual. Our program supports interventions focused on cognitive development i.e. Capacity development para ECD facilitators, Supporting ECD centres and schools, and Structured play areas.

  • 2. Primary school Education:
  • 3. Vocational and Life skills education:
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